Virtual World Dance Competition Rules & Regulations

FIERCE Talent Dance Competition strive to provide not only a high-quality experience, but ease in registration.


  1. Click on the link here Registrations to go to your registrations account.
  2. Log in with your details if you have already set up an account. If you haven’t already got an account scroll down to Add New Account.
  3. Once logged in or created an account click on Add New Registration.
  4. From the dropdown menu select the event World Virtual Competition.
  5. Then in the box below type in the name of the routine you wish to register.
  6. Click Add New Routine. A window will then pop up for you to select the dancer or to input the dancers details. Click Add dancer and once finished click Done.
  7. Then continue selecting Entry Type, Genre, Competitive division and whether you would like to add the Miss/Mr Fierce Title and click Save Routine.
  8. Repeat steps 6 & & to add more routines. Once you have finished inputting your routines Click the Continue To Checkout.
  9. A confirmation page will then come up to check all your entries are correct and click Continue button.
  10. Proceed to the Check Out Page and finish your entries.
  11. Once you have made payment click the Dashboard Button.
  12. On the dashboard find the event you registered for and click Upload Video. A popup will open to upload your videos of your routines. It will confirm once they are uploaded and you will be able to check your videos are correct and working.
  13. Once all this is complete you have finished your registrations for a great Virtual weekend.

Deadlines for Video Uploads and ANY performance changes are due FRIDAY at 7pm AEST 1 week before the Virtual Event.


The LIVE VIRTUAL COMPETITION will be on our Website at available for viewing. Awards will be announced as per the schedule.


  1. All Virtual Events will follow FIERCE Talent Rules which can be found here Rules
  2. Videos submitted can be from ANY conventions/competitions, In studio or Home. You may also use videos from recitals, showcases or any other performances or rehearsals. Home recordings and professional recordings accepted. All Overall Appearance will automatically receive a full score of 5 to make it fair for all participating whether you have a professional recording or home recording.
  3. All performances will be scored using our normal score system which can be found on our Rules page Here
  4. We are accepting Solos, Duet/Trios, Small Groups and Large Groups for the paid Virtual Dance Competition.
  5. Please make sure your performances are within family friendly!
  6. The Title competition is open to soloists who wish to enter the Virtual competition. A separate entry fee will apply for each Title performance. The entry fee is $20 per routine.


  1. Each performance will be adjudicated by International Industry Professional judges.
  2. All routines will receive Audio Judge’s Commentary and score sheets. These will be found once the event has finished in your Registrations Account.



  1. Overall High Point awards will be presented in the respective Levels and Age Divisions.
  2. Trophies will be awarded for General Placement and High Point Overall Awards.
  3. Title WINNERS in each Age Group will be awarded crowns. These awards will be also mailed to the studio.
  4. Junior and Senior VOCAL OVERALL WINNERS will receive High Point Overall Awards. These awards will also be mailed to the studio.

We would love for your friends and family to watch and support our performers! 


Registration/Processing/Postage Fee Per Dancer/Competitor $25
Solo Entry Fee $25 Per Solo
Duo/Trio Entry Fee (Each Dancer To Receive A Trophy) $30 Per Routine
Troupe Entry Fee $25 Per Routine
Title (Miss/Mr Fierce Awards) $20 Per Solo


• Singing is permitted in the Song & Dance and Vocal categories ONLY.
• A panel of well-qualified judges will score contestants. All decisions of the judges are final.
• All contestants grant permission to FIERCE Talent Dance Competition to use their photographs and/or videos for promotional reasons.
• Sportsmanlike behavior is expected from all contestants, teachers and families at all times. Failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification. This includes attempting to recruit students from other studios to attend yours at one of our events.
• FIERCE Talent and the hosting venue are not responsible for personal injury or property loss.


Any music which contains profanity or racial slurs will result in a 5-POINT PENALTY. Note: If you are questioning if your music is ok, please send us your music in advance and we will check it.

Contestants are required to upload their Video via their Dance Comp Genie Login 7 Days Prior to the commencement of an event.


• Entries will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available.
• All entries MUST be PAID IN FULL. Under NO circumstances will refunds be given for an event.
• Payments must be made on our registrations page. NO PERSONAL CHECKS, or MONEY ORDERS will be accepted.
• All entries must include the correct names and ages of all contestants.
• Be certain that you are entering your performers in the CORRECT PERFORMANCE LEVEL when inputting your registration data. This WILL NOT be able to be changed after the schedule is completed.
• After payment is made, you will receive a summary via email of all routines registered. It is imperative that you review this information including birth date and age division, and reply IMMEDIATELY with any corrections. NO CHANGES WILL BE PERMITTED LESS THAN 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COMPETITION OR DURING THE COMPETITION.
• We reserve the right to add additional competition days/times, if deemed necessary, and also reserves the right to move the competition location and dates if it becomes necessary due to circumstances beyond its control.


A time schedule will be e-mailed (provided that an email address was clearly provided on your registration) no later than three (3) days before the competition date to all entrants. There is NO general format. Every schedule is based solely on the breakdown of entries by solos, duet/trios, groups in each age division for that particular city. This breakdown is not available until all of the entries have been processed. At that time, a schedule will be set to best accommodate the entrants at that competition. No time requests will be accepted.

The number in which each routine is assigned is for reference and identification purposes. Routines will perform in numerical order.


IMPORTANT: Any person who is actively participating in a routine for ANY amount of time is counted as a performer and must be registered as such. This includes any person who can be seen by the judges for any amount of time, and any person who may be in a costume that covers their face.

Solo – (1) Performer

Time Limit – 3:00 minutes

• Solos MUST compete in the competition level in which the dancer is registered on the studio’s roster.
• We reserve the right to limit solos to three (3) per dancer, depending on the venue capability and space.

Duet/Trio – 2-3 Performers

Time Limit – 3:00 minutes


Time Limit – 5:00 minutes

Note: Routines that are over the time limit will result in automatic point deduction of one point or a fraction thereof for every 5 seconds of overtime if extended time has not been registered for that routine.



DIVISIONS: 4 & Under (Mini); 6 & Under (Petite); 8 & Under (Pre-Junior); 10 & Under (Junior); 12 & Under (Pre-Teen); 14 & Under (Teen); 16 & Under (Pre-Senior); 19 & Under (Senior) and Open Age.

DUO/TRIO & GROUP AGE DIVISIONS: 6 & Under; 8 & Under; 10 & Under; 12 & Under; 14 & Under; 16 & Under; 19 & Under and Open Age.

DETERMINING AGE DIVISION: Duets/Trios and Groups will compete at the average age division determined by averaging the age of all members of the group. Do not use decimals or round up. Example: If the average comes to 11.8, they will compete in the 11-year old age division. NOTE: If there are any substitutions of any performers for National Championships, the ages must then be re-averaged and the group must then compete at the age division that the average is as of the first day of championships they are attending.

PROOF OF AGE: All performers are required to have proof of ages on hand at every FIERCE Talent competition. Failure to provide a birth certificate or drivers license if an age division is challenged will result in disqualification of that routine.

HIGH SCORE AGE DIVISIONS: Champion Dancer Awards will be given out in the Mini, Petite, Pre-Junior, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Pre-Senior, Senior and Open age divisions.

VOCAL HIGH SCORE DIVISIONS: Champion Vocalist Awards will be given out in the Junior (11&Under) and Senior (12&Over) divisions.


Contestants will be judged by a panel of previously selected judges and all entrants agree that all decisions of those judges are final.
Each performance in the event will be evaluated on the following five elements:

• Technique 40 points total
• Stage Presence 25 points total
• Execution of Performance 20 points total
• Choreography 10 points total
• Overall Appearance 5 points total


Miss/Mr Fierce Awards are Add-on’s that can be registered whilst registering your solos. Miss & Mr Fierce Awards will be given out in the Mini, Petite, Pre-Junior, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Pre-Senior, Senior and Open age divisions.
Titlists will be evaluated on the following elements:

• Technique 30 points total
• Overall Entertainment Value 20 points total
• Stage Presence 20 points total
• Execution of Choreography 20 points total
• Costume 10 points total

There is a maximum of 100 points per judge. Title routines will be judged at the same time as the Solo division. There will be two separate score sheets; one for the Solos division and one for the Title category. Female winners will be presented with a Tiara and a Trophy. Male winners will be presented with a Trophy.


Studios are required to assign a competition level for EACH performer when they are entering in the registration system. Please be certain that you are entering your performers in the CORRECT PERFORMANCE LEVEL. NOTE: DANCERS MAY ONLY BE REGISTERED AT ONE LEVEL…Any dancer found to be registered in more than one level may be disqualified. Dancer’s levels WILL NOT be able to be changed once entered. SOLOS and DUET/TRIOS MUST COMPETE AT THE LEVEL IN WHICH THEY ARE REGISTERED.

The following guidelines are suggestions to be used in determining the appropriate level placement of each competitor. Because no competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced, it is left to the teachers own sound judgement when entering level placement for their students.

ADVANCED Level: This competition level is for top-level competitive dancers who perform at an advanced technical level.

INTERMEDIATE Level: This competition level is for the intermediate or ‘on the rise’ dancers, and is recommended for dancers who have had approximately 2-5 years experience.

NOVICE Level: This competition level division is for beginning dancers who have little or no experience competing. Dancers may only be considered ‘novice’ dancers for a maximum of 3 years..

**IMPORTANT** – It is at the judges discretion to move any routine that they feel is placed in a level below their ability to the level in which they feel is necessary. All judges decisions are FINAL. If the judges determine that a routine should be moved to a different level, and that level has already competed, the routine will then be eligible for adjudication only.

*No level changes can be made at the door.

*No Solo may be bumped to a higher competition level than the level in which the performer is listed on the studio roster.

*Groups may be placed in a higher competition level than the average of the participants, but never a lower level. This must be done PRIOR to the competition.


Acro/Gymnastics – A routine that contains primarily gymnastic tricks, including, but not limited to walkover, front/back limbers, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, etc. There should be a blend of gymnastics and dance together.

Ballet/Classical – Can be Point or Ballet. A routine consisting of classical steps & ballet technique. Ballet shoes must be worn. Pointe – A routine that consists of ballet/pointe technique. Pointe shoes must be worn.

Contemporary – A routine that combines both lyrical and modern movements.

Hip Hop – A dance that consists of the latest street dance style, as seen in current dance videos.

Jazz – Can be Broadway or Commercial Jazz. A routine that utilizes jazz technique such as splits, isolation, leaps, etc.

Lyrical – A routine that is performed to the lyrics or mood of the music.

Musical Theatre – A routine performed to the music of a Broadway musical or a movie musical.

Open – A routine that is a combination of any of the other categories; a routine that does not exactly fit any of the definitions of any other category. (No Vocals permitted)

Song and Dance – A routine that combines dancing and singing. This is a vocal routine…lead vocals may not be lip synched and may have back up vocal accompaniment only. We will provide two handheld, wireless microphones. No personal/studio microphones, headsets, etc. will be permitted. Styles of dance can include Tap.

Tap Any Style – A routine utilizing tap technique and must be performed with tap shoes only.

Vocal – A performance of any type of vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be prerecorded. (No lead vocals may be recorded; backup voices only will be permitted). We will provide two handheld, wireless microphones. No personal/studio microphones, headsets, etc. will be permitted to be hooked into the sound system.